Saturday, December 17, 2016


Is it always easy for us to complain rather than express our gratitude? No one in this world is free from problem. Is it hard to face your complaint, mug it up, do everything at your own pace and stay grateful? Rather than busy complaining basically about everything even it is not a disastrous thing. Every phase of life has its own challenges. 

A toddler who learn how to walk starting from a small baby step
A kindergaten kid who learn how to read and count
A students who juggling between assignments, quizzes, classes, exams and all those datelines
A couple who faces financial issues and try to survive at least until at the end of the month
An employee who works out of working hour and do two three jobs just to pay all the bills and expenses
A parents who work extra hard to maintain their reputation so that they can pay your college fees

If you come to me and complain everyday about how your life is going. Let me tell you. I also have life I gotta live. I also have my own problems except that I do not complain to you on a daily basis as if I'm the only one who is facing these craps. Those who love to complain on every zhits that you are going through to me. Even most of the things you complain about is just normal things people do pun (not a catastrophe pun lah comm'on). Here's my dear advice to you:

Famished? Nah just starve yourself to death.
Tired? Go to sleep and never wake up 
Stress? Go crazy.
Tired of going to class everyday? Then don't go to class. 
Tired of assignments and tests? Then don't do your assignments. And don't even bother to submit them. Don't study for your tests too. 
Tired of your boyfriend/girlfriend? Break with him/her cari laki/perempuan lain senang
A group mates who didn't want to cooperate? Dump them
A group discussion until midnight for the sake of your project? Drop the course 
A friend who always cling? Run you asses away from her
Tired of paying taxes? Leave in the antartic
Tired of paying loans? Give up your house and cars. And get ready to be declared as bankrupt 
Tired and bored of your job? Quit your job and borrow money from others to stay alive
Tired of everything? Go die

Ya basically just don't do anything only that you won't get tired of anything. Banyak banyak benda dalam dunia, words of complaint tu jugaklah paling senang meniti di bibir hari hari. Tak faham.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Bukit Tabur West - Taman Melawati

I went to Tabur West last semester right after my final paper with Kak Rara, Kak As and some of her friends. I was very excited since I'd never been to Tabur before. Bukit Tabur is part of the Klang Gates Quartz Ridge located within the area of Taman Melawati. It can be seen clearly from MRR2, UIA and areas nearby. If you are not frequent hiker (like me), you may not know that there is hidden gem in city of KL which is real good for climbing and hiking. 

The trail(s)

Bukit Tabur has 4 main trails - East, West, Far East and Extreme. Most of non-frequent hiker (like me) usually will hike for the west trail as it offers better scenery and less challenging trail (meh?) compared to east. If you go to West during weekend, it is much crowded. East trail is slightly shorter (275 meters) than West (446 meters). Far East and Extreme? You will not want to go there unless with experienced guide. Kak Rara went to Extreme once and according to her, it is indeed extreme because the trail is pretty new and no familiar marks/direction left by previous previous visitor/hikers, unlike the west and east. FYI, western and eastern side of Tabur is separated by the Klang Gate dam.

446 meters
Tabur (specifically West side) consists of several peaks and troughs. The area is covered by predominantly big, layered rocks and jagged surfaces. It is advisable to wear gloves to avoid scratching your hands on the surfaces. There are steep cliffs and trails that require you to hold on to the ropes. Really tested your rock climbing skills. I still can remember there was one descent part of the climb where I couldn't found any surface to grab on and I was really panicked that time. Luckily, one Chinese uncle grabbed my hand so that I could hold on to the rock and land my feet on the ground. Haha drama. 

The first 30 minutes of the climb is pretty easy (yakah easy?) even from the start lagi sebenarnya pun sudah mencanak. Wait until you reach the endless and never-ending rock peaks and rope part. Phewww.  Most of the time, the treks are quite tricky. Not much clear indications (signage?) are provided.

The descent trail is not as challenging as the ascent part. While descending, you have to follow the local orchards until you got to the starting point. However, you gotta be careful lah lagi-lagi if it's rainy season 'cause the trek is tanah merah - wet and very slippery. Alternately, if you don't want to follow the orchard trail, you can opt following the stone-y & rocky trail, vertical climb downwards, the trail you were following before - nah don't even bother lah. Sanggup?

Susah kah Tabur West?
Honestly, bagi aku agak susah, mencabar dan bahaya. First 15 minutes sahaja the hiking part, the rest is rock climbing and combination of both. So, you know what to expect. ;)

Frankly, I couldn't remember the exact direction to get there since this is my very first time to Tabur. And I was kind of blur that time 'cause we got there like...before subuh? Hehe sorry my poor memory. Fret not, if you familiar with MRR2, Taman Melawati, SK Taman Melawati, National Zoo, Klang Gate Dam - you almost there. He he. 

It took around 3 hrs including stop untuk minum air, rehat, ambik gambar. No need to rush lah just enjoy the views. Unless if you wanna broke your personal record, bolehlah. hehe..

The view(s)
The views are indeed very mesmerizing and beautiful. You can see the UIA Gombak campus, Klang gate and KL city from Western Tabur. However, the city view is depends on the haze level, cloud thickness and the weather that day. 

Right before the descent, there is area covered with moss. The scenery is very green and carpet-like and you will be feeling like in The Shire. Choii...



Always safety first. Regardless the trails, I pretty sure that you all know that Tabur is actually familiar with few tragedies happened here before. Recently on 2013/2014, tragic fatal accidents had happened. measures and cautions should be practiced at ALL TIMES

Idk about others, but me personally will not opt for before sunrise hike. Broga may be okay. But, Tabur? So far, No. 

Ambik gambar, ambik gambar jugak. Tapi kalau semata bergadai nyawa untuk gambar lawa and for #hikerskental later on Instagram, buat apa? Huhu.

1st 15 min trek
Never come alone. Tabur may seem tame for some hikers. But there are some steep cliffs and tricky part where you need teamwork. So...always bring your friends along and experienced guide.

As I mentioned before, the place is much crowded during weekend. So, kalau mau rasa secure, selamat dan tidak loner, then come during weekend. Lagipun kalau datang during ramai orang, boleh cerita-cerita lah. Kak Rara and I once met a hiker from Mainland of China and one Chinese from Tawau. Maka, be-reunion lah si Kak Rara dengan brader chinese tu. 

  • enough water
  • light snacks
  • gloves
  • long pants ? (personal taste)
  • towel
  • medication/mosquito repellent
  • torchlight ?
  • shoes with good grip
  • camera/GoPro (?)


Sunday, October 11, 2015


It's already October. 2015 is coming to its end and 2016 is approaching! Believe it or not? Time really flies. 

As for 2015, so far I'm doing great except for the past few months I was struggling and grieving over my big lost. Even it's already been four months, but I still adjusting with what had just happened. Okay. Let's not jump to that part or else I will for sure burst into tears.

To start with... I'm not into planner, journal or anything of sort. But, the idea of getting one sounds intimidating for me. Honestly, I love planning; to-do lists, lists of assignments and quizzes, coming exams, MISI programs and commitments, to-bake and to-cook menu(s), wish lists, monthly expenses and extend up to my very very personal things. All-in-one book I suppose since I really dislike the idea of having numbers of book for few different things. Me being me... why even bother when you can actually have it in ONE book? Okay. Different person has different preference, I completely understand hehe.

Though I'm not a well-organized person, but I like the idea of having anything well written and well planned. Sometimes you just have random idea/curiosity about very very random thing happening around you or any spontaneous ideas and you just have to write it down, by any means. Unfortunately, you don't. Or in my case, I write important things anywhere I could get my hands on a piece of paper where most of the time I lost it.

Having a planner(s)/journal or even a simple note book really helps you lots especially in organizing things in priority. Second, we also able to reflect and look how far we had go, how far our life had progressed as the year passes. So, for 2016, I was planning to get one. However, after looking around for a new nice planner, there's no planner's design that up to my liking, so far. And if it is, the price is too much expensive for student under a tight budget, like me.

I think, the best way to have a new one that meets our top test is by do-it-yourself. Talking about DIY, those who know me will know, I'm not a creative person and I really bad and sucks in art. The most beautiful image I could possibly draw is GRASS and freaking ORANG LIDI, by far. But, when it comes to DIY planner, I always imagine a sketch book with a black hard cover and spiral binding which I can design it myself, paste colorful papers and stickers, doodles (nah I'm bad at drawing!), cute clippers, draw tables in it, motivational quotes. Weekly and monthly schedule and on and on. Well... lets see if I can accomplish it.